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I am curious to hear how people are using OmniFocus. I always wonder how "micro" to get with OF.

As a teacher, I have the following questions:
- would it be good to create a project for each class?
For example, "Lesson Plan 10/3"
* brainstorm plan
* create handout 1
* sign out lab
* grade hw
* upload grades

or would each class be an action group? or would you just reserve OF for things that might be out of the ordinary, like sign out lab?

Another situation: I run several weekly meetings. Would you have a project called action X and then have as NA's things such as:
* brainstorm agenda
* write agenda
* email agenda to participants
* duplicate agenda

One problem (fear) I have with GTD is I can spend so much time fiddling with my action lists, I could just hammer things out. If you have a chance, share some of your usage patterns or questions.