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Hi there, I recently bought and started using Omniweb, and so far love it... but there is something that is driving me to the point of throwing the program off my mac and wishing I never bought the app in the first place.

One thing I loved in safari, or firefox, or whichever other browser I used before was the fact that I didn't have to copy/paste.

If I saw an image, I simply held my finger on my mouse button and dragged the image to the desktop and bang. There it is in jpg format on my desktop, simply done.

With Omniweb I get a HTML file. I open my gmail account, open an email with images, select download image... and it doesn't download. It opens another window, with the images there... and I still can't drag them onto my desktop.

Now maybe this is purely my fault and I am missing something in the preferences. Please tell me, as I am really enjoying omni... but it's the little things guys. And this little thing is enough to lose a repeat customer.