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Hmm, I've been trying out OmniWeb 5.7 in my usual abusive fashion (would you believe 307 tabs at the moment, restarting the browser and reloading them causes 40+ MB of traffic to go through my primary interface). I've had a handful of crashes, but they've all been in the WebCore code, so I'm not sure Omni should get all the "credit" for those crashes. I do get the occasional beachball when I tell it to quit (which I usually only do when my machine runs out of disk space), but in most of those cases it resolves itself given a little time. The amount of bugginess or poor behavior I've encountered has been comparable to that on the other browsers I've used. I've been encountering and reporting considerably more bugs against OmniFocus 1.0x, so I don't agree with your claim that it is like version 1.0 software in that (or any other) regard. I'm still in the trial period for OmniWeb, and while I'm having a few problems here and there with the app, whether or not I spend the cash to buy it is going to depend almost entirely on whether or not the feature set grows on me enough that I'm willing to pay to keep it vs. using one of the several free alternatives. So far, it's looking like my preferred pizza vendor is going to sell one fewer pizza to me next month :-)

I trust you ARE sending in the crash reports, feedback on things that don't work but don't cause crashes, etc.? Have you tried the 5.8 sneaky peek to see if any of your issues go away?

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