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OmniWeb 5.7 is weirdly like 1.0 version software. It's buggy, some features are just plain broken and boy do I see that spinning beachball a lot :-( I really regret having paid good money for it. I _REALLY_ regret not having tested it better before buying. Instead I took too much notice of it's positive reviews (which I'm now shaking my head over. Did you TEST OmniWeb at ALL MacWorld? Mac|Life?) and bought OmniWeb almost immediately. Very silly of me - I admit that.

Examples of my troubles: OmniWeb crashes every few hours, permission to use keychain entries are not remembered if another program originally created them, I'm asked if I want to save my passwords for webforms EVERY single time (regardless of whether I say yes or not), OmniWeb gets very slow with large numbers of tabs open (spinning beachball's are starting to invade my dreams - arrrgh!), form autofill of name, address, phone number, etc is very poor (99% of forms had to be completed manually even though their fields were clearly labelled "Phone", "Address", etc), changes to shared bookmarks are not always saved (and my iDisk has a local copy so that should NEVER happen, it's not having to save them across the net. Just to a LOCAL volume!) and no error message is given to warm me there has been a problem.

So I'm back using Camino nighty builds and MUCH happier. Camino might not be as pretty or nice to use - but it WORKS. OmniWeb simply doesn't far too frequently. It's a damn shame :-(
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