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Thanks so much for all the helpful suggestions. I'm starting to get a handle on things. I've found that working from the "runway" level isn't working for me right now. I need a bigger picture to work from. So I'm trying to identify projects first, then fit the actions I've identified into them. It's going to take a while to get this system moving, especially since life doesn't stop and let me sit down very often.

Last night I got a big project, that was obviously a project, under control and in OF. We have to renew our I-600A (immigration forms for a pending international adoption). I already had a list, in email, from our social worker. But the list didn't have contexts, didn't have all the details I needed, and was missing prerequisite actions. Just by putting it into OF and adding the extra steps and info made it all so much clearer. I then did all the steps that ended up with context of Mac and felt better about all the ones with context of Errands and Phone because I simply couldn't do them at that moment. I looked at some of the heavier errands (requiring me to drive 40 miles during my work hours and wait in some government office) and realized that I just couldn't take that time off work until next week. So I set a start date of next Monday. And felt better about it right away.

I think I will do better to initially focus on the tasks that already have clearer edges and leave the household maintenance tasks for last. After all, I already have a reminder to mow the lawn: the grass is 8 inches tall!