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OW is still more polished. Many common keyboard commands do not work in FF3. There's still a half dozen features in OW that are better implemented than the FF add-on equivalent.
This is so true. Here is but one example load your home page in FF3 which does not show the key command in the in the menu's Function+Option+Left Arrow.
Not command+Shift+H like Safari. OW is still better Command+1-9 for custom favorites.

I find FF3 weak out of the box and the addons are just poxy cumbersome incomplete hacks. What a pain to disable javascript, images and plugins on specific sites.

People rant on about FF3 and all its addons, personally i found iCab on Mac OS 9.x to run circle around FF3 in customization. Id go as far as saying iCab puts every other browser on the planet to shame...deep shame. Consider iCab is developed by 1 man, it is updated with fresh beta's practically 3 times a week with new features. 1 man has accomplished more in 6 months than OW has in 2 years.