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I'm glad my review approaches were helpful. The only counsel I can give when you're feeling overwhelmed is
  1. hang in there. Even incremental progress on reviews will move things back into shape. Don't be afraid to put stuff on hold and renegotiate commitments when you have to.
  2. carve out some time on your calendar for a catch-up review as soon as you reasonably can. That may be a week or two out if you're in crisis mode. But having it on the calendar should help set your mind at ease that you will get to the review. But if you do this, make sure you keep the appointment with yourself to do the review.

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The only times i've found myself without a capture tool are: In the Shower (Solution ideas?) & Right before falling asleep in bed. I find it very interesting that i'm flooded with great ideas and thoughts at these times.
I keep a whiteboard marker in the medicine cabinet for jotting shower ideas on my mirror. I keep a small notebook and pen by the bed for falling-asleep ideas.