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I've been implementing GTD for about three years now, and using OmniFocus since its early alpha testing days, and I still haven't quite mastered a review routine that's as regular as it should be. Like you, I've found Curt's advice to be valuable.

There's a chicken-and-egg problem here: the more regularly you do your daily and weekly reviews, the less time they will take. I'll second the advice to carve out an appointment with yourself to catch up, and add that you might also schedule 30 minutes per day in your calendar for the week or two after the catch-up session, so you don't fall behind again.

It's also useful when processing your inboxes to be fairly ruthless about whether an item goes into your active project and context lists or whether it gets shunted to a someday/maybe list that you review every couple of weeks. One of the most useful features of OmniFocus for me is the ability to set different review intervals. Some projects or lists are critical and need review every day; others need a review every few days; still others can be reviewed every week or every month. Part of my review process includes glancing at the review interval for a project and adjusting it if necessary. Save frequent reviews for the projects that need it.

Finally, limit the number of inboxes you have to process. I have email, voicemail, a notebook, a DevonThink Pro inbox, an Evernote inbox, my bookmarks, and a notepad next to my bed. (I have a pen with a built-in LED for jotting down those thoughts that occur after I turn off the light.) I keep thinking I should get rid of a couple of those collection points to simplify things.