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I'm glad my review approaches were helpful. The only counsel I can give when you're feeling overwhelmed is
  1. hang in there. Even incremental progress on reviews will move things back into shape. Don't be afraid to put stuff on hold and renegotiate commitments when you have to.
  2. carve out some time on your calendar for a catch-up review as soon as you reasonably can. That may be a week or two out if you're in crisis mode. But having it on the calendar should help set your mind at ease that you will get to the review. But if you do this, make sure you keep the appointment with yourself to do the review.
Curt, I have a question concerning the morning reviews; when you list if there are any projects you should put on hold (being draconian..) do you this only for the day? The impression im getting is every morning you'll go ahead and put all the projects you won't work on for the day on hold so during the day you'll only look at the stuff you can/should/need to accomplish...and then later in the evening at the end of the day or the following morning do it all over this correct?
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It's worth noting that the people at DavidCo 'fall off the wagon' quite a bit too. Getting the review as a habit is a killer difference. It means that you are 'aware' of those things.

I ignored the OF review process...and now have embraced it. It's a 10 min quick review of those things that I need to glance to see that they're moving forward. Some of them are set to every 2-3 days; some are set at 2-3 weeks.
Its becoming evident to me the daily/evening reviews are essential to keeping the GTD/OF framework going.