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Nope. If I put a project on hold, it generally stays on-hold until at least the end of the month.

Here's my rationale. I'm not reviewing every project every day; each project has its own review frequency based on the relative importance/urgency. If in my morning review I notice that I've reviewed a project repeatedly without making any progress, then that's a clue that I'm not really committed to moving the project forward
right now. I tend to put those projects on hold until I'm ready to recommit. I find that better than beating myself up for not making progress. I can only make progress on so many things at once.
That's very interesting that you mentioned this. Currently I have about seven different projects dealing with school, each project having a couple of childs within them. What I'm getting at that of the numerous things I need to do, my math project just doesn't get touched by me (I hate math). Yet it needs to get
done and what I hate most is that this math project is and has been affecting the productivity of my other projects, seeing as it needs to get done and is
always in the corner of my eye when progressing in the other school