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I also hate math =P (I'm also not terribly fond of homework, so I'm pretty sure I'm done with school for the rest of my life).

As far as getting things done that you don't like doing, David Allen clearly learned a thing or two from another powerful influence in my life... my mother =). Both of them recommend breaking down your big tasks into smaller tasks. "Clean out the garage" is a huge task that you'll probably never feel up to doing. But "coil up the hose" or "throw away 3 things" feel quite doable. I'm sure you can break down your math project into many smaller pieces, and even break some of those pieces down into smaller pieces. If the pieces are small enough, and you just take one bite at a time, you'll start making progress. "Read chapters 3-7 of the textbook" is a monster task that most of us would put off until the night before it's due. "Read the first page of chapter 3" is something you can easily accomplish before lunch, or while you're waiting for a bus. And if you're anything like me, you're very likely to read pages 2 & 3 while you're on the bus, because once you get going on something, it's much easier to go a little further =).