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I have a schedule that started 6 months ago. I want to export the schedule from a week ago through the next few months in some PDF or other format that non-Omni-plan users can view (or some other format - picture, etc. - anything that a generic user could view) (and not include all of the past history)

I can't find a way to export it that will left me start the gant chart lines for the first date I want to be at the "left" - next to the task list - I can only export or print to PDF the whole thing which starts with my prior dates on the left and the current parts of the schedule far to the right. It's OK for me in OmniPlan because I can scroll right and the prior months scroll off my page - but for them, they have to trace from the task list through a lot of white space to get to the current tasks in a PDF.

Any suggestions? My tasks are in time-chunks so that if I could say "save/export tasks N through M" that would be perfect for my example.