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I love software that eases you into the process. Especially, in a piece of software like this, where the software is a means of implementing a practice, it's important to get new user scenarios right.

I struggled with GTD more than necessary because I didn't know what my contexts should be. It took months. "Computer, Home, Work, Email" are not contexts for me. They're all true almost all the time.

So, my suggestion is that OmniFocus comes with an "interview process" that helps you get started with a pre-defined set of contexts. Maybe it's an occupation based system. (E.g. I work in sales, I work in software engineering, I work in product management). Or a time-available, energy-available system (my current contexts are MorningTasks - short and sweet-, AfternoonTasks - meaty, Evening Tasks - learning oriented, and OutOfOfficeTasks - big uninterrupted thoughts).

An alternative would be to define importable/exportable/shareable "ContextSets" that the community can work out, that can be published in forums, wikis, etc. So that it's easy to try how others get organized.