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whatever the pros and cons - and i have yet to see any cons to having a today feature, i want a today list, i use it in things, and i want it in OF! ninjas have been alerted. it's only a matter of time!
i agree completely. a "Today" or "Now" feature is an important tool, currently missing from OmniFocus.

it should be a date field - in other words, for any given action item, i should be able to specify a date it will appear on the "Today" list (which is a very different thing from being "Available").

OmniFocus does a great job of providing lists of possible Action Items based on the current Context, the date (what has become available, nearly Due, past Due), and what has become do-able (now that pre-requisites are complete).

Where OF disappoints is as a planning tool, and a means for seeing what Contexts are necessary now (it is all well and good to say "Oh, I have some time in {pick a Context} - what should I do?", but also important to be able to ask "of all that I must do in the coming {pick a period of time} what Contexts will be necessary, so I can plan to be there (or at computer, near phone, etc.).

A "Today" view is part of the solution and would be a natural out-growth from a planning module that permitted the user to assign "Do" dates to Action Items and get an overview of what Contexts will be required (and when) by that plan. Currently, OF only does the reverse - you get to see Action Items for the current Context, but you don't get a useful tool for seeing the Context(s) necessary for the Action Items deemed most important (as opposed to Due status, etc.).

It is a reactionary workflow. "I'm in _____ context, what should/could I do?" when what is needed is pro-active "What contexts are implied by my assessment of what is most important this week?"