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I too would love this integration. The challenge as a few people have mentioned is that you don't just want a link between the locally stored omnifocus task and Evernote note objects. I use both apps on two different macs, an iPhone, and an iPad (not to mention Evernote on a PC too)!

This issue is really on the Evernote side. There needs to be some universal identifier that associates the Evernote app and note.

I did find a pretty good work-around today. The web version of Evernote is very robust. Just keep a tab open with web Evernote. When you need to access that note from omnifocus, go to Evernote, view the note you need, copy the URL, and paste into the memo line into omnifocus. This has the advantage of working from any omnifocus client (iPhone will open safari I think).

This is how I integrate my email too. I use the URL for my current gmail message. And it also works for showing your Evernote or gmail in a mind manager mind map.