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I frequently add the same data over & over for 2 of my SAL's; one for personal, and one for home. Rather than type:

<task> TAB 1 TAB 1 TAB tod@5pm TAB tod@8pm

every single time, I want to type:

<task> ptdd (my text expander snippet).

The problem I'm having is that the Project and the Context aren't recognizing my snippet info. Currently, my snippet looks like this:

1 Personal%key:enter%
1 Home%key:enter%
tod @5pm
tod @8pm

The tab's work for the times, but the Contexts/Projects won't accept my input. I've tried variations of this without the %key:enter% at the end, but those don't work either.

Anyway, I thought I would post this in case someone had an idea for how to make it work. If I can figure it out I'll update the post.

Anyway - thanks!

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