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The only thing I've seen in other browsers that I wish OW had is Safari's "Reader". Apart from that, nothing at all. And other browsers don't have the graphical tab drawer, workspaces ...

This is my first post here :).

There is one thing that OW doesn't have that Opera does, and that's binding to the system cmd-key sequences. I find this incredibly useful, e.g., when in Opera, cmd-i while typing in a forum that uses Jelsoft's "vBulletin" forum software auto-pastes "[ i][ /i]" (spaces inserted here to make the sequence show up ;). Since I use this type of forum almost exclusively (by happy accident rather than design), I find this invaluable. It doesn't stop there, however: in Opera I can select some text in the text input field in vBulletin forums, and type cmd-i, cmd-b or whatever, and the selected text is encapsulated by the formatting sequence, not deleted and replace by said sequence.

It would be great if OW would be able to do the same - Opera's javascript and Flash support are horrible. The other thing that prevents me from using OW full time is that in some other types of forum software, OW inserts what appears to be either an LF or a CR/LF at a set number of words, rather than allowing soft-wrapping of text and hard line-wraps using the "enter" key. Opera doesn't make this unholy mess. I had to stop using OW quick-smart because of this: the forum that this happens in particularly (not vBulletin-based, btw),, is one that I contribute to quite a bit, so using OW is right out - I've been spoilt by Opera. Except that Opera is driving me up the wattle with various js inconsistencies and inability to use Flash controls (which knocks YouTube on the head) and I would like to move to OW, which is the only other option in my opinion (I can't run Chrome as I only have PPC machines at the moment, can't afford Intel Macs, and Chrome only runs on Intel machines). Maybe I should make a new thread with the above formatting business.