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I usually check in with the Evernote guys at Macworld; this years' show is later this week. Last time I looked at this, though, Nozbe was basically doing lots of queries of your Evernote database. Each project in Nozbe asks Evernote for a list of items with a tag that matches the project name.

Most folks that have contacted us have been asking for a way to link a specific action in OmniFocus with a specific note in Evernote. That's a different feature.

When I talked to them last year, direct linking to items wasn't possible. Maybe that's changed, though... (It's also possible that my understanding of Nozbe's feature is out of date, as well!)

In any case, I've still got the business card of the guy I talked to at Macworld sitting on my desk. I'm hoping they'll have a booth again this year so I can bug them some more. :-)

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