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I use iTunes to sync OO documents from my MBP to my iPad. It is incredibly slow. An outline that I update daily is only 31 MB, and after I drag it from Finder into the iTunes File Sharing window, the progress bar shows it's loading, and then about 1/3 of the way through the progress bar stops, and I get a spinning beach ball for a LONG time. It can take a half hour or longer. Every few minutes, there's a tiny bit of movement in the progress bar, and then it stops for 5-10 minutes before inching along another little bit.

If I right-click the iTunes icon in my dock, it says "Application Not Responding", and offers me the option to Force Quit. If I wait long enough - sometimes half an hour - the document loads, the spinning beach ball disappears, and all is well. But who's got the time for that?

I'm not even synching over WiFi. The iPad is plugged into my USB port.

A: Should it take that long?

B: Is there anything I can do to speed it up?

C: Is there a better/faster way to sync than through iTunes?