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I just created a two row test outline, with a raw image file from my camera attached to each row (~40MB each). I opened iTunes, cabled up my old iPad 2 via USB, and dropped the file into the file sharing window. It took 50 seconds to move the file to the iPad in its entirety. I'd say something is amiss with your setup.

While you figure that out, why not open an Omni Sync Server account and move your files to/from iPad via that? You can mount the server volume in the Finder, so putting files on or taking them off is easy enough. In the iPad app, if you tap the Documents button, the button on the chooser screen that looks like an arrow pointing into an inbox allows you to import documents from the sync server or other WebDAV host. Remember that there is no syncing going on; you have to push the file back to the Mac (or extract it via iTunes) to get it back there after making changes.

Does it take a long time to retrieve the file as well as to send it to the iPad?