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I'm not sure whether or not non-Pro has the feature I'm about to describe, but if it doesn't you'll have to find another workaround if you aren't using Pro.

There isn't a track changes feature per se so this is only a partial workaround (it won't show deleted text, only newly added).

1. Show the Utility drawer and click the + button at the very bottom left to add a New named style. Call it e.g. Additions or Changes. Note, press enter to input the name and leave the new style highlighted.

2. With the new style highlighted, select a new font style and colour for it so that it will look different to your present text.

3. When you are entering new text, press the F key that is assigned to the new style before you start typing. When you type, the newly added text will adopt the new named style.

4. Remove the styling at a later date, once the document is finalised.

I think this will work OK, but it is going to be more laborious than a proper TC feature.