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1) is it possible to (possible using applescript?) make it so that if one were to drag a URL into the bookmarks bar, Omniweb would automatically take that bookmark and move it to a specific folder in either one's personal bookmarks or another specific [nested] folder in the bookmarksbar? the effect i'd like to achieve is something similar to an applescript i once saw that would move any files dragged/moved to the desktop into a specific folder. it'd be even better if omniweb created a new folder who's title was the date within a specified folder so that one could go through and view the bookmarks by day. this isn't a super huge need of mine, since it's probably kind of stupid, but I'd certainly like it if it's possible.
Re-read this. Looked at where OW keeps bookmarks (~/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb/Bookmarks.html~). Since it's basically an html file, you might be able to either 1) drag the url to the desktop, have Hazel process it via an applescript which rewrites or edits the Bookmarks.html~ file, or 2) drag the url to any folder which has a folder action attached which rewrites or edits the Bookmarks.html~ file.