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Still no luck after complete reinstall:

Deleted OF from iPhone, including all files
Full reboot of both Mac and iPhone
Confirmed OF no longer on iPhone
"Repurchased" iPhone OF from iTunes Store
Launched OF 1.1.4 on iPhone
Chose Set Up Sync
Opened Desktop OF
Let Desktop OF sync
Opened Preferences, Sync
Bonjour Sync already set up (previously working fine)
Clicked on "Share Settings"
iPhone OF registered name of computer
Tapped on same
iPhone OF synced
All Tasks and Projects and Contexts present and accounted for on iPhone
NO Word, Txt, or Web Archive attachments on iPhone
All Word, Txt, or Web Archive attachments in Desktop OF still there and readable
Confirmed that 1.1.4 build on iPhone identical to that before data wipe

This camper still frustrated and unhappy.