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Maybe the oxymoronic nature of the title of our favorite tool has already been discussed, but it's recently hit me with a good deal of clarity. I've read the book and I've been applying OF and GTD to my life for about a year now. So I feel like I'm someone who knows the rules and generally has the hang of it.

What's recently resonated with me: You can't "focus" on "everything". Duh.

However, when you work in an organization of independent thinkers, everyone seems to be focused on something other than what you're focused on. In essence, the collective group is OmniFocused - focused on everything.

In another thread, a forum member stated that "David Allen has it all wrong". This person accurately states that her boss is the decision maker - he decides the focus.

I suppose in writing this, I'm admitting that I've lost my focus. In an environment that is "OmniFocused" I'm finding it rather difficult to narrow down to a single focus element at any given time. @Work, OF seems to have been relegated to my "Do not forget this item" list instead of my Next Action list. On the other hand, @Home, where I have some control, OF works great! ;-)