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Interesting... I never thought about it meaning... focused on everything. I took the meaning to be focusing on one thing from the many. Or really cool focus.

There are a lot of products out in the world with the name Omni. I think the general feel of the name is... the only thing you ever need... the omni... the all.

From the definition:
One can generally paraphrase its meaning with circumlocutions such as "in all ways", "in all places" or "applying to all things"

Applying To all Things meaning, everything is in the system, OMNI, and I choose to focus on something, Focus.

I guess the name could be changed to... action focus. Or maybe focus focus, or the inevitable, hocus focus. :-D Maybe we get rid of the focus and go with, action jackson. Or combine the two and go with, Action Hocus.

In another thread, a forum member stated that "David Allen has it all wrong". This person accurately states that her boss is the decision maker - he decides the focus.
Unless a person is working on a construction line and has their entire day planned out for them, or in in a widget shop cranking widgets all day, then there is still room for OmniFocus. (according to Allen, cranking widgets all day is the ideal state of GTD)

Even if the boss is the decision maker, he decides the focus, my role will be a sub focus of that focus. And for my role, I make decisions or simply need to track what is happening.

GTD helps to get the cluster out of my mind and into an external mind... an Omni mind. Oooo... maybe that should be the name, Omni Mind. It doesn't matter if the items in my inbox come from my boss, from a customer, or from myself. If it needs to be done, it goes in the system. My Omni Mind.