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I always took the "Omni" in "OmniFocus" to mean "focus on anything" or "focus in any way."

But it really doesn't matter as it's just Omni Group's naming convention. Does the "Omni" in Omni Group really mean they do everything? Are they planning on branching out into auto repair, flower arrangements, or plumbing services? Probably not, but who knows. Maybe they just want to keep their options open. Or maybe "omni" just sounds cool. :)

I only have one more thing to say on this topic: for some reason, when I tap out the name "OmniFocus" in a hurry on my iPhone, it often seems to come out as "OmniDicus."

I don't know what that means. Is it maybe someone who's a jerk about GTD canon, a GTD Nazi? Or maybe it's just because "i" is next to "o" and "D" is next to "F". I hope I'm not being an "OmniDicus." :)