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Okay I switched to safari when safari 4 came out... For about 4 days, I loved topsites, until it kept changing the pinned sites I wanted to keep there forever, I chose my websites and I never wanted it to ever change again but every time I opened safari there were random topsites I didn't want, I never even visited Flickr, i'm not a photographer, I had no choice if what i wanted the most so I came right back home to OmniWeb where i would of ended back up anyway, despite the lack of inquisitor.

Anyway I would like to request a more optional version of topsites......... no matter how plain it is, I need that link page, but I just want a website link box page and no top rated sites.

Like the opera start page... well at least as an option & the safari topsites smoothed look would just be a bonus..

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