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I recently bought Omniplan to help me get ready with the multiple field projects that I will be working on this summer and I am loving it so far.

One thing I am getting stuck on though is in splitting my tasks during the leveling process. I have two tasks that are repeating throughout the summer (weekly). One of them (Task 1) needs to be done as soon as the data has been prepared (set the priority to 1) and the other (Task 2) can be done in the remaining time. However when I level the resources (both tasks are set to one person) Task 2 does not split the time around Task 1, but instead looks for gaps in time where the entire task might be able to be completed. This ends up leaving lots of gaps in that person's schedule and then I end up with a lot of Task 2 at the end of the summer.

I made sure that Task 2 is set to "Splitting" and I checked the time constraints for the tasks with nothing really interfering. I even tried a simple plan in a new document and the same thing occurred. What might I be doing wrong with the splitting?

Also, unrelated, could you please add a vote for me to incorporate repeating tasks functionality.

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer!