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I guess there would be a way to achieve this with tons of contexts and filters, but then I will need another list (OO checklist?) to make sure I checked all possible configurations.

If everyone keeps on talking about the fail-safe system, for me a system like that allows me to not forget important stuff without making me spend excessive time on checking the various possible list configuration.
I actually do use OO checklists for Morning Review, Evening Review, Weekly Review, Monthly Review, and Bi-annual Review. Periodic reviews to keep your system working are a key tenet of the GTD approach. You can get some benefit of GTD without doing them, but the benefits multiply when you have all the pieces.

The key is the definition of "excessive time". I probably spend about 30 minutes a day on daily reviews (10 in the evening and 20 in the morning). My weekly review probably takes an average of an hour. I don't consider that time excessive at all; in fact, it is essential.