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Here's something I'd love to do but just can't figure out how:

I want to create a large, circular diagram where there would be text in various bands out from a central point. The text would be radial, meaning that the text radiates out from a single point, not along the circumference of the circle.

I would love to anchor one end of all my text objects at the diagram centrepoint, and know that if I grab and move the selection handle at the other end, I can alter the stretch and angle of the object but am still constrained by the "pin" at the other end meaning they all line up nicely, pointing back to the middle.

I remember another program, ages ago (Infini-D) where I had a fine degree of control over axes of freedom. I could constrain an object to one or more linear dimension, but also anchor an object so that it could only rotate around a defined point. Can Omnigraffle do this or should I make it a feature request?

Thanks in advance.