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I'm looking for a way to modify Rainer's excellent script to create a "waiting for" action when I send an email to someone and want to set an action for me to follow up on the message. Here's what I want to do:

1. Create a new message in Outlook 2011 (or open an existing message that I want to forward)
2. Send the message while simultaneously creating a new OF action (using the Quick Entry window), with a link back to the sent message and the body of the sent message in the notes field of the action, with the context set to "Waiting for...", the subject field set to the same as the subject of the message and the other fields blank for me to fill in with a due date, etc.

The goal would be to use a keyboard shortcut to engage this script in lieu of the standard "command-return" Outlook keyboard shortcut I would use to send the message under normal circumstances in situations where I want to automatically give myself a reminder to follow up on the message I'm sending. Presently the only way to (sort of) do this is to send the message, then go into my sent items folder manually, highlight the message I just sent, and engage Rainer's script to create an OF action that i then have to manually set to the "Waiting for..." context. Much less efficient.

Anyone have any idea how to accomplish this?


Hi Adam - any luck with getting this done? I am looking for the same feature as well.