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If you send email to, it sends you back a message containing a specially coded URL which when clicked will open the quick entry window and put in an action and note. The action will be the subject line of the message, and the note the body. You could forward (or resend) the message to the person you want to handle the task, and when they click the link, the action is installed in their OmniFocus database. Unfortunately, it isn't automatic, and doesn't carry along project, context, date, flags, time estimate, or formatting of the note, but it does make their life a little easier.

If you've got the iPad app, it has a feature for emailing an action that generates a nicely formatted email showing the project, due date, and so on and has a link to create it. It carries along attachments, but the mechanism used is the same, so it can't actually install anything but the action name and note. I've had it on my list of projects to do to create an Applescript version of this facility for the Mac, but it's easier to just use the iPad than to write the code :-)