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I am quite new here but have been lurking around for a little while to find solutions to my customization in OmniFocus. And I have to say I really love the program.

So, My problem is this. I have a perspective for work and one for my free-time. And in there I have "focused" on different folders which contains projects and in the projects there is tasks. So in my perspectives, I've set the conditions in the view bar to only show 'Available' tasks and grouping by folder. Everything works well, but when I've finished all tasks in one 'Project', the project it self stays with no remaining tasks to be done. Is there any way to hide a project without any remaining tasks available now without 'pausing' it? Maybe I have some tasks coming in the near future inside the project so pausing and resuming all the time feels like a waste. Maybe there's a setting i've missed? Anything would be very helpful!

I've attached the view-bar of my perspective in question so you can have a look.

Thank you for your time!
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