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One hint for those who are also going to install the new version: The individual Workspaces, Bookmarks etc. are all preserved and used in the new version, but the Preferences are not! So donít delete your old version just yet. You can launch it along the new version of OmniWeb without problems, and then can compare and adjust the new OmniWebís Preferences to those you used in your old version.
I found that this is specifically true for History data. If you set your OmniWeb 5 Preferences to save more than the default of 30 days of history, and then launch OmniWeb 6 for the first time, it will use the default of 30 days and immediately delete the rest of your History.

So in this case, itís best to immediately change the History period to the desired value in OmniWeb 6, quit OmniWeb 6 and then restore the old (pre-OmniWeb 6) History.plist file from a (Time Machine or other) backup. The next time OmniWeb 6 is launched, it will behave as it should.