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OmniFocus on the Mac and on the iPhone will sync one minute after you make changes, or an hour after the last sync if no changes have been entered.

Depending on the specific configuration of the wireless network your devices, there may be something about the setup that's preventing OmniFocus on the Mac from talking to OmniFocus on the iPhone.

To work around situations like that, you can you open up the "creating a computer-to-computer network" page of Mac Help. Using the steps in that help page, you can connect the two versions of OmniFocus directly by setting up a network on your mac, then having OmniFocus on your phone connect to that instead of your "normal" wireless network.

If you do that, you should be able to sync. If you can't sync with an ad-hoc network, use "Send Feedback" under the help menu and the support ninjas will be happy to assist.