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Does anyone use a 'delegate' context? When wearing a project manager hat, most actions are, by definition, delegated. Now I know OF isn't a project management tool, but I still find it helpful in the context of my own work to plan the activities of others. This is especially useful in the context of micro-managing remote (usually offshore) resources where they need to be micro-managed.

I recently fine tuned my 'waiting for' context to be active, and now set due and start dates for each waiting for task. This seems to be working well in that it gets waiting for tasks off my radar until near the time I need to check up and make sure progress is being made.

I've recently been considering a 'delegate' context for use when in planning mode. Often I'll break up the parts of a IT related project into manageable chunks that will be delegated at some point, but not just now (the project might not start for a few weeks/months). It seems that a delegate context might be just the thing for this, with it having an 'on-hold' status.

Anyone else using something like this? Any full-time, professional project managers out there with any better systems or recommendations?

- Steve