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I'm having a similar problem.

OG Actions help me make a simple prototype for guerilla testing, when exported to PDF or HTML.

While OG helps me simulate a basic click path for a Web site, Actions do not behave consistently when exported. For example, I set an Action to toggle on/off a navigation flyout menu (created on another layer) when a user clicks on a link's label, but the action did not work when exported to HTML or PDF, but did work in presentation mode.

Is there a fix?

Also, I'd really appreciate the ability to have an action start when a user mouses or hovers over an object, not just on click.

That would open a universe of possibility for interaction simulations, including hover windows, Quick Looks, navigation menus, flyouts, and tool tips.

A few more for the wish list to help make OG a useful testing tool:
  • Ability to embed rich media into OG documents, like a QT or Flash movie
  • Smart stencil elements (e.g., a text field that users can type into when exported in HTML or PDF).