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Thanks for your response, Brian.
I've also noticed that the duplication sometimes happens outside of omnifocus, and duplicates will appear in ical/mail but not in omnifocus. This probably confirms what you say: that it's probably an apple bug that causes actions to be duplicated in omnifocus, rather than the other way around.

A few days ago I ran that 'kill all' sync command which I found here in the forums somewhere, but I still have the issue. The only place I have any syncing of todos enabled is on my iphone/itunes sync; I'll turn that off for a few days and see what that does and post here again.
It is not an Apple bug but as I have mentioned in other posts, Apple has changed the behaviour of Sync Services and MobileMe.

OmniFocus does /not/ sync with iCal. It syncs with the now extensible Sync Services which in turn syncs with MobileMe and various applications like iCal, BusyCal and SOHO Organizer. Soon, it will also sync with a WebIS Desktop Sync [WebIS is the firm behind Pocket Informant on iPhone etc]. And with this sync, start dates, contexts and projects will come with in the sync. Remember: Sync Services is now extensible. So if OmniGroup decides to sync with WebIS' extended syncs it will also get synced with Pocket Informant's start dates, contexts and projects. Pocket Informant is a calendar with tasks.

If the extended set of syncs is not supported, only due dates will be synced to Pocket Informant.

As mentioned, Sync Services sync with MobileMe too. This means that if you are using more than one computer with Snow Leopard, OmniFocus actions are automatically synced to that computer too. And if you sync with that computer directly from OmniFocus you will get duplicates. Lots of them ...