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It's relatively simple to work around that shortcomings in a way that makes it simple to sync one other application with iCal. OmniFocus (and we suspect most other apps that sync to-dos) uniquely identify each action by adding a link to the "URL" field of each to-do.
So if I create a new To-do in BusyCal, and it doesn't add anything to the URL field, I should be able to sync that task to OF, check it off when done and have it "done" in BusyCal, without a dupe? Since the only thing in the URL field is from OF? Like wise, if my sync software (Missing Sync) doesn't 'touch' the URL field, nor does RexWireless' ToDoMatrix, I should be a happy camper? I think PIBB may have added content to the URL field (but have stopped syncing with it to be sure).

That said, as long as the URL field is left alone, two-way sync with BusyCal (iCal) and OF will work fine with no dupes?

Right now I have dozens of To-Do's I'm syncing between BusyCal and TDM on my BB and none of them have anything in the URL field. It's now safe to sync to OF?