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I'm honestly surprised that I didn't notice the icon alignment issue. I see it now and it looks really obvious.

Regarding wasted space, the example you gave of an app you liked not only wasted far more space, it filled the wasted space with bright, distracting clutter.

Am I right that you are the [REDACTED] who thinks that [OMNIFOCUS IS UGLY]? (Review on the App Store, if anybody is wondering).

I'm just another customer, but, the company is The Omni Group, not Omnifocus. While you have raised some valid criticisms, the direction you want them to take is ugly and wrong, IMHO. If they built their apps to more closely resemble the apps that you say you like, I would be *less likely* to give them money in the future.

You are entitled to your opinion, and I encourage you to express your ideas for the app's future. However, language that implies that your aesthetic sense is objectively superior and that the app is clearly ugly is silly.
I agree. I think he had made his point that the current interface doesn't suit his taste nor is desired by him, but to harp on this issue and trying to convince everyone of his points doesn't seem to be helpful nor objective.

I for one likes the interface, and all those empty spaces are what makes it easier to look at the tasks quickly. I don't want to spend a lot of time in OF looking at the tasks - in fact, you want to minimize the time you spend on OF and maximize the time you spend on your tasks! That's how you get things done.

The alignment issue doesn't bother me, and I in fact like having those big buttons for quick entry and inbox (shows me I need to process the items, and it can't be missed).

Just another perspective from another user.