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Is there already an applescript available for OF that would allow you to add and remove tags from the notes field? If not, it might be cool one for someone to do who knows how to do that.

What I envision is this.

1. You select a set of projects in the left side bar (or if you don't select a set of projects, the script defaults to running on all of the projects then visible).
2. You actuate the script.
3. It gives you the option to either add tags, remove them, or cancel the script.
4. If you choose to add tags, you get a dialog box where you can enter a tag or series of tags, comma separated, with some sort of prefix on it to delineate that it is a tag (#, @, etc, or maybe the script could add the pre-fix automatically based on a preference you set in the script code).
5. The script would go to the notes field of each selected project and paste the tags you added into the end of the notes field, so if there's already text there it isn't affected.
6. If you hit the remove tags dialog button, you'd get a check-box menu with a list of the tags in the the selected projects. Then you could check the boxes of the tags you want to remove.
7. The script would then do a find and replace, removing the tags you selected and any commas that need to be removed as well.