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Hi all,

I have a project that contains a couple of hierarchical tasks:

- task 1
- sub-task 1.1
- sub-task 1.2
- task 2
- sub-task 2.1
- sub-task 2.2
- sub-task 2.3

Both task 1 and task 2 are Due today.

I have a perspective defined as:

- Context view
- Context filter: All contexts
- Grouping: Due
- Sorting: Flagged
- Availability filter: Remaining
- Status filter: Due or Flagged
- Estimated Time Filter: Any Duration

When I switch to this perspective all sub-tasks are displayed. SUPER!
After completing the sub-tasks, I switch back to this perspective to see what's next, expecting to see the 2 parent tasks in there. But they are not! Whatever I do, I cannot get OmniFocus to show those in the list.

I thought that it might be something wrong with my perspective, so I've tried the default Due perspective. And guess what? Even if both task 1 and task 2 are due today and there's a badge for them in the project perspective, they do *not* show up in the Due perspective. Basically that means it would be very easy to just miss those!

What am I missing? Is there something I don't understand or is this a bug?

thanks in advance,