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So my question, again, is planning too integrated with the "listing"? For example, should there be a way to plan a project but not actually put them on the Tasks view (I consider the Tasks list the current Projects list)? Then as part of your weekly review you simply move tasks to the Tasks view from the Planning view (which is always parallel)?
It doesn't look to me as if OF is designed to be a heavyweight project-planning or brainstorming app: you can do that in any number of other apps already. It might better suit the way you like to work to continue to outline/plan in another app and keep less stuff in OF.

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This explicit choice of next actions works well for me. I like setting up next actions manually as the daily to-do list, and in the software this is done per task during a brief project review, from a quick popup menu.
I'm not sure what you're getting at here: isn't one of the basics of GTD that you don't have a daily to-do list, since all of your next actions are things you want to do as soon as you can?