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(Separating the examples out to try and keep the conversation/reply threads distinct, btw.)

This sounds like an "email <name of friend> to schedule trip" in some sort of Online or Internet context, and I'd put that action in a "Plan SF trip" project. Can you explain how you use the "SF Trips" context? That may help me understand your workflow and make better suggestions.
[thanks for breaking out distinct points in my post]

The F2F with my friend is a action that is initially tied with San Francisco (that is where he lives and where I was traveling regularly), but the main hook for it is my friend and our face to face. Years back in OmniFocus I used tools or rough location for context, which has broken a bit, but face-to-face meeting could be a Context. Meeting, particularly called out as face-to-face, has a secondary dependency that is a person or people. This issue arose this year when I missed meeting with my friend when were were both in NYC as well as he had a trip near DC where I am also near.

I have a script that roughly works to track Foursquare, Lanyrd, and Google checkins for upcoming location nearness (worked much better when it was Dopplr and Upcoming focussed) and having context of a person and F2F I can put a filter that is tied into that script (I've thought about tying a positive hit on that script to an OmniFocus flag).

But, the key is there are more than one potential context. Location is a flexible variable, but the person is a key variable. Nearness in location (which may not be fixed to a place, but proximity) is another key.