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This sounds to me like one "complete expense report" action in whatever context is best for your workflow, and two "ask about <topic>" questions that go in a context created for Susan.

Potentially in a sequential project, so the "complete report" action doesn't activate until you have those questions answered...
The action in the complete expense report has questions for Susan along with other actions. But, when I am sitting with Susan to review the finances and get a signature on an upcoming project I can also ask her about the expense report. But, I can also email her, or include the questions in the expense report, if I haven't heard back from her by the time I need to file the expense report. There may also be somebody else that could answer the same question, but Susan has the ultimate authority. I need to get the questions answered before submitting the report, or highlight in the submission so they could be approved or declined as line items and not have the whole report rejected and have to wait for the next submission window.

Similar this is in my client project projects with actions. I have a need to get a question answered or an approval by somebody in a role, with authority to approve, but one person whom I occasionally have meetings with can handle this as well as the other three actions that are tied to our meetings.

The "I really needed to also have conversation "X" with this person" problem is one I continually have. When I explain it to others I find it is a big pain point for others as well.