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I have to say, syncing between my Mac & iPhone via MobileMe is one of my absolute favorite features of OF. In fact, its the biggest reason I chose OF over Things. Unfortunately, my syncs also sometimes take more than 10 seconds, and I'm on a brand new 3GS, and have only been using OF for about a month, so I really don't have *that* much "stuff" yet. Maybe I'll contact the support Ninjas & see if there's much I can do to speed that up. While 10 seconds isn't "that" long, and I could get into the habit of "forcing" a sync periodically, that kind of defeats the purpose. I don't want to *have* to think about it. I just want my data to "be there". As someone else mentioned, waiting even 10 seconds for a sync to complete when you just want to quickly view the shopping list you updated on your Mac a few hours ago is kind of a sucky experience.
Well, maybe you should consider running with Auto-sync turned off, and manually sync at times of your choosing? That will make your startup faster, at the risk of potentially not having all the latest changes in the sync database. If you do this, I recommend starting a sync when you finish using OF and pushing the button on the top of the iPhone/iPod to put the screen to sleep -- this will allow OF to complete the sync while tucked away in your pocket without any fear of making unintended changes.
When I make iCal or address book updates on my Mac, and later launch Calendar/Contacts on my iPhone, the data is "just there", no apparent sync time required. Perhaps Apple is using a private API to make this work - I have no idea - but it would be just plain awesome if OF could "see" the changes that quickly. I realize the current push notification system doesn't support this, but I encourage you to talk to Apple about adding this kind of functionality to the SDK. Perhaps start a thread about it in the devforums and/or talk to whichever other contacts you have amongst the SDK engineers.
Apple has the advantage that their software is always running in the background, listening for those updates. Third-party developers don't get to do that at present, so they have to wait until their software is launched before they can sync.