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As wonderful as the .OO3 format is for its inclusion of rich text attributes, portability of files is essential for my uses. I teach college courses and vastly prefer having my lesson plan as an outline on my phone so that I can walk around the room rather than being tethered to a laptop at a podium.

That said, I would love to be able to change the default style for rendering .OPML files on my Mac. It feels ridiculous to have to hit select all, choose a font, and choose a size every time I open a file. When I do decide to use the .OPML file from my laptop in class, these few steps can be distracting enough to ruin momentum in lecture or discussion.

Like the original poster, I'd greatly appreciate feedback or any tips on controlling how .OPML files are rendered. I won't speak for the original poster, but I understand that .OPML means that I can't save rich text. I specifically am asking about editing a global default—whatever is currently telling the program to open all .OPML files with 12 point Helvetica when I need something larger.