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As an internet software product manager, I've banged my head against this basic use case occasionally for about 15 years now, I guess... At the moment (ie, this year), I'm not sure what a solution would be and am trying to solve it (again). For me, simple mock-up of multi-page website concepts.

Today, best solution I've found so far with OG is:

1. Create a multi-canvas drawing
2. Hyperlink from elements on one canvas to another canvas
3. File > EXPORT
a.) Format: PDF Vector Image
b.) Export Area: Entire Document
c.) Include non-printing layers

Open this in a browser, and you can click the links. (Tested/Pass: IE9, FF on Mac, Safari on Mac).

4. Put in a Dropbox > Public folder, and you can send a doc link to anyone. It will open in their browser, and the links work. This is a nifty way to mock a concept in Graffle involving multiple pages, and letting people click through it.

*1: Did not work with multiple pages on a single canvas, though when I create the hyperlink, I am selecting an object on the correct page and saving it. Going back to edit the link, it does not highlight the object or jump to the page, as though that additional info wasn't saved. Failed identically in Preview.

Fwiw - Browser differences:
  • IE9 (Win7) & Safari (Mac): used PDF viewer & provided a page (canvas) navigator, with slideshow-styled Previous/Next buttons and page counter. This was a better experience navigating between 1-page drawings, because you don't see the tops or bottom edges of the other "web pages."
  • FireFox was a half-way page browser, so I could also scroll up/down (which would be slightly confusing for my purposes, non-techies clicking hyperlinks, but seeing the other web page above/below...)
  • Chrome: links worked fine. I'm not seeing the paging browser. Scroll up & down through all the pages, or click the links.


OG 5.4.2.
MacBook Pro 2012; Mt. Lion.