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Regardless if you are a strict GTD follower or somewhat loosely do GTD or something else, It seems that we all just loose our focus.

A believer in daily task planning will fail to do this, eventually.

A believer i GTD will fail to do a weekly review, eventually.

Why is this happening? What signal are we ignoring from our brains when akrasia "surprises" us with a in the face. Because its not really a surprise is it? It seems to happen regularly, to all of us.

Common psychological responses due to this; "My system is wrong" "The menu bar has the wrong color" "Thing vs. OmniFocus" "I need more contexts" I need less contexts" "My stuff isn't clarified" "Need goals" and so on. But when motivated all is peaches. A wrinkled paper and a pink crayon would be sufficient and quite effective.

Conclusion; When motivated all is good. When not, nothing can bring us back (seemingly). But somehow we come back... how and why?

So, why is this happening? What are the "moving bits" of falling of the wagon and getting back?

I can not for the life of me figure out the cause/effect of this.