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It happens. We all fall down in life. Just get yourself off the floor and start again. This is the flow of life and nature. Everybody has the ups and downs of life.

One major reason for me falling off the bandwagon is that I get too many projects entered into OmniFocus and the projects/task list is very long.

When overwhelmed, I run away to a coffee shop and start going through my OmniFocus database and do a mini-review. I put every project to "On Hold" status and re-activate the projects (set status to "Active") that I think are important and must be done within the next 7 days. I double-check the projects/tasks to see if the due dates are real or fake. I erase the fake due dates but keep/revise the real due dates on the tasks and projects. I also flag a small number of tasks/projects to bring it to my attention in my Today perspective.

I also try to simplify my life by delegating projects and tasks to other who are better skilled or have more time/energy for a project. I also try to delete all the projects that I de-prioritised and no longer think are essential. I don't want dead weight and dead projects that will clutter up OmniFocus.

I keep my next actions list very focused by looking at my Today Perspective. This perspective has only due or flagged tasks. This is the only list I work on. Most of the time, I'll just print this perspective and quit OmniFocus. I'll work only on the tasks that are on this list and check off tasks here. Sometimes, I'll just check it off in OmniFocus for iOS app. I'll re-open OmniFocus on my Mac only to make changes.

When I keep my projects and tasks small, I am better at staying on the bandwagon.

When I got off the bandwagon, I go back to the coffee shop and do the mini-review again.